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  • Matching Proof to Press

    We have some customers that request a dot proof. We make a Fuji Final Proof in that case. However some times they put a loupe on the dot and the dot shape is not the same on proof as press sheet. We are using Rampage Systems and Fuji PDPro Proofing on Final Proofs. The dot is square at 50% on Rampage, but if a curve is applied to the plate it changes the shape to more round. The Final Proof remains more square in the 50% dot area. I was wondering if the other "dot" proofers (Kodak Approval, Creo Spectrum, PolaProof, or Screen systems) would have similar issues?

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    Re: Matching Proof to Press

    Hi Wayne,
    Only the Creo Spectrum will guarantee 100% the fidelity of your dots. This is because ity uses the same Rip, data and laser as the platesetter (assuming this is also Creo). Drawback is high cost and I think only Kodak Matchprint foils are available but DuPont were talking about making foils at one stage.
    All the other systems render or simulate the dots, some do a pretty good job like Approval and Screen but only the Spectrum is bullet-proof.


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      Re: Matching Proof to Press

      Not always true. If you apply 1 curve for the contract proof (matchprint digital material) on a Trendsetter Spectrum and another curve for the plate-the dot size will not be 100% the same. My 50% dot may be a 48% on the proof and a 53% on the plate. Could you tell the difference by eye? I would not be able to, but they are not the same.

      It will be close but the customer could argue that the dot is not exactly the same.


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        Re: Matching Proof to Press

        Dot size and shape isn't all its cracked up to be for primary criteria for contract proofing. Hard to ween some clients off it, but its usually not as relevant as assumed. If you match both the size and percentage of the dot from proof to press, there's often a compromise in color quality ... certainly the trapping can be different in laminant proofing, and using color management to dial the proof closer results in loss of relevance to the dot structure.

        That said, it would be harder to see percieve difference if the proofing and press dot were both using round, instead of euclidean, (which shows square at 50%).


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          Re: Matching Proof to Press

          Time to whip out those " This Proof for Dot Structure Only" stickers, eh, Mike?



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            Re: Matching Proof to Press

            That's one approach. I generally supply an inkjet proof, and just smack the loupe right out of the client's hands on site while informing them to "get that sh-t outta here!"


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