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To profile the press or not to profile the press?

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  • To profile the press or not to profile the press?

    Upgrading to a new sheetfeeded press and a new CTP (Heidelberg Suprasetter), I have been repeatedly told by the local dealer, that I should profile the new press that is about to come next month.
    This kind of belief is making me having some second thoughts on my up to now workflow, which was based on ISO coated V2. That is how I was converting colors from RGB spaces and also printing
    Proofs with GMG soft and Epson 4800-9800 printers and I was mostly happy color-wise. Now this gent insists I could achieve much higher CMYK space, using a custom made profile. He actually demonstrated
    a 3D color space difference between ISO coated and a custom profile, which appeared to be much larger to my surprise. Could that be possible with modern inks? Wouldn't that be very difficult to maintain-upgrade and how many problems would that cause to my workflow? I would like to read your opinions on this matter.
    Many thanks to all,

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    Re: To profile the press or not to profile the press?

    I'd ask myself a couple questions:
    1. Do I receive files from customers or are my separations going to be anything other than ISOcoatedv2?
    2. If question number 1 is answered as yes, then am am going to have to repurpose to my custom press condition and won't get any benefit since I am trying to match ISOcoatedv2 (what is being separated), and could actually just set my press up to ISOcoatedv2 via getting to target Lab values for solids and overprints and then adjusting plate curves. Do I want to go through that trouble for no benefit?

    My answer would be to not listen to your dealer in this area. I'm sure they are just trying to tell you something they've heard, or just want to sell you something you don't need. Why custom profile a press when the existing and ongoing separations are made to ISOcoatedv2, when you would have to repurpose those separations to the new custom press profile with no added benefit (cause you want to match the same appearance as before)? So you would have to spend money on profiling the press (and what costs that involves) plus put repurposing into your workflow (if you don't have it now). Waste of money IMO. You got something that works and is targeting the international standard? Stick with it.



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      Re: To profile the press or not to profile the press?

      I'd agree with Don. While this press may be capable of a larger gamut than ISO coated v2, the question is, can you sell that extra color? First you would have to create a proofing condition that matches your press's larger gamut, then you would have to convince clients that your expanded gamut is "better" than ISO coated V2. Its kind of a hard sell, when everyone now is moving towards standards (Like ISO or GRACoL) and predictable color. Do your client's really want absolute maximum color gamut, or do they want color to match the proof and to match the piece they had printed at another printer last month?

      I don't even want to get into the whole G7 thing, but do you set up your presses using the ISO 12647 method of density and TVI or go the grey balance route of G7? Just curious!


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        Re: To profile the press or not to profile the press?

        Like me u are in Europe and I dont really think u have much option but to stay with the Fogra method - which is ISO Lab and overprints and CMY = 64% K =67% .

        Even the thought of reverting back to the old days of printing to "my" standard doesnt even bear thinking about.



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