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Maximum GCR settings to save ink

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  • Maximum GCR settings to save ink

    I would like to know what could be the lowest ink coverage and maximum GCR settings you would use in your prefered ICC profiler in order to save ink AND preserve maximum color details in dark shadows for commercial sheetfed or web press for example.


    Louis Dery

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    Re: Maximum GCR settings to save ink

    Hi Louis,

    I think a lot is going to depend on the actual substrates and your individual press. If you're running a heavy stock, it can hold more ink than a thinner weight. Newer presses will provide you better control as well. Do you have multiple ICC profiles or just one?


    Systems Engineer
    OneVision, Inc.
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      Re: Maximum GCR settings to save ink

      Hi Greg,

      Thank for the follow up!
      I Agree with you about the substrate.

      My question was more about "quality" than "quantity". How much can you limit the ink coverage and how much GCR (no mather the substrate) until you lost color details or saturation, specially in dark shadows.

      Many ICC profilers allows to make GCR but at a specific limit of quality. I just want to know what is the acceptable limit (GCR% and TIL %) to get good color BUT at the same time, to save ink.


      Louis Dery


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        Re: Maximum GCR settings to save ink

        Interesting topic.

        We are in a position right now in which we want to test exactly what you are asking. My question is how does one go about testing this?

        GRACoL has a TAC_04.tif image that is useful for determining at what TAC level the printed results begin to plug. But I think that is not the only metric that needs to be considered.

        What other types of targets (images) should one include on such a press run and what is the testing process?

        What are the metrics that need to be tested?


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          Re: Maximum GCR settings to save ink

          Hi Walter,

          For target which allows to estimate the TAC, you can download one developped by TGLC inc. at the following URL:

          Once printed, you can see the optimal Ink coverage you can use for specific paper, etc.

          This is the first part of ink saving (TAC). The other is using GCR (Gray Component Replacement). This can be set in ICC profiling software OR when you create an ICC DeviceLink profile (PerfX Device Link™). This will allows to remove CMY gray components and replace it with Black ink. This way, you save CMY inks, but use more Black ink.
          ICC DeviceLink profile can be used in most prepress workflow, compatible with ICC DeviceLink profile. No need external server to do so.

          To do it properly, many tools are needed:
          — Gray balance curve calculation software (PerfX Press Curves™)
          — ICC profile creation software (PerfX Color Management Pro™)
          — ICC DeviceLink creation software with ink saving option (PerfX Device Link Pro™)
          — Compatible prepress workflow allowing to use ICC DeviceLink profile for CMYK to CMYK conversions.

          Don’t forget: QC and consistency at the print press!

          Hop this help!

          Louis Dery
          TGLC inc.


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            Re: Maximum GCR settings to save ink

            For use CGR max. with eficience In both sistem Web and Sheet, you need compensate the curve tono to estandar mode, this form.

            First Liarice the device, CTP or CTP and FILM (in convencional plate linearice in the plate before expose)

            Second print linearice escale in the press and read the Curve tone,

            Three Compensate the curve to linel mode curve

            Four Add dot gain desire.

            This way you have black ans CMYK curves exact, and can use hi levels of CGR heavy and Full, but need use one black ink more power, a dendity of black mor hi 2.0 o 2.1, but with black curve compensate for optimal reproduction no more of 15% in 50% and no more of 3% in 95%, is recomended if you need use hi levels of CGR is more efective hibrid Sceen (HXM of harlequin, Maxtone of Creo, Spektra Fuji or Sublima Agfa), all is same tecnology, or Disperse screen (HDS, STACATO or similar), IN HQ rip this compensation process is more simple compararate with other worflow.

            See atachment

            Best regard


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              Re: Maximum GCR settings to save ink

              Hi Christian,

              Agree about the method you’ve described.

              About screening, yes stochastic can help but AM screening does a very good job too.
              We have many customers who ran AM screening on web press (175 lpi) with Max GCR and ink coverage at 240.
              They got very good color rendering, no lost of saturation and better details in shadows.

              It all depends about which GCR (from ICC profilers or other) you use. Some do a good job, some simply don’t know how printing is working. You have to compare.

              Louis Dery
              TGLC inc.


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