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  • EFI vs GMG

    I have proposals for an EFI & a GMG proofing system.
    Both using a Epson 4880.

    I'm leaning toward the GMG system, I'd like to know any positive or negative issues for either.

    A second question - How much am I giving up if I go with the base software from GMG & not the "Dot Proof" version.
    I don't really need to see dots on paper, But, I not sure what else I'll be giving up by only having the base version.

    The "Dot Proof" version in the proposal is GMG FlexoProof which includes:
    Color Proof v4.5
    Profile editor
    Dot proof
    Flexo Proof v4.5

    We have Flexo, Screen & Digital presses.

    Any feed back would be appreciated.


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    Re: EFI vs GMG

    We use GMG and it is the best option out there, in my humble opinion. It is very easy to match many epsons to each other and the process it uses to keep the printers calibrated is awesome. We use Dot proofs as it does help to point out moire as well as help with line weight. We send it thru a Xitron then the one bitt tiff goes back to GMG. The ability to edit the Pantone database is also a big plus. I am not sure if you have that ability with the "base" version. I am sure some one will correct me if that is not true:-) ( Mr. Eddington are you lurking?) That being said..... the fuzzy little clusters that they call dots are hardly what us old Matchprinters are used to.... but it does help a little. Feel free to contact me with any direct questions. ROCK ON!!


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      Re: EFI vs GMG

      We also use a GMG system. Without the dot proof option. We did some tests with dotted proofs but found we couldn't match it to our press so we ended up with the base (mx4) proofs. I'd like to get to the doted proof (moire issues for one) but due to our process of printing on polyprop, it isn't that simple.
      Like Rick mentions, editing the patone database is easy and a very big plus if you ask me.

      On the other hand, I'm not such a big fan on the GMG Flexo Proof software suite. Maybe it's our system, but the RIP server tends to crash once or twice a day. The PrintControl sometimes doesn't get the tiff files. We've had several people from the supplier company come over but never got a solution.

      In the end, it is a good system :-)


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        Re: EFI vs GMG

        If you go with the GMG, I wouldn't spend the extra bucks for the dot proof. The fuzzy dots make it look blurry and since the dots aren't sharp, only the most extreme of moire issues will show. And showing moire is one of the benefits of a dot proof.


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          Re: EFI vs GMG

          >The ability to edit the Pantone database is also a big plus. I am not sure if you have that ability with the "base" version.

          You can edit the Pantone database. The Dot proof option only adds support for 1-bit tiffs, all other features are equal. We used to use Dot proofing but reverted back to contone for a number of reasons. Main ones being that the moire prediction wasn't as accurate as we'd like (could predict moire where it wouldn't occur, or not accurately predict where it would), and proofing the larger, higher res files took longer and caused a bottleneck in our proofing workflow. Also, since we provide files to many different printers, we often don't know the specifics of their screening, or have access to generate 1-bit tiffs through their workflow, and a dot proof not specific to the screening at hand has less value. Another point, if you use stochastic or hybrid screening, the resolution is likely beyond the capabilities of the proofer, and Dotproofing would be futile, not to mention that stochastic screening largly eliminates screening moire patterns anyway. I would only recommend the dot proof option if 1) your content is more likely to result in moire (predominately fabric patterns printed with traditional screening for example), 2) you absolutely have to proof 1-bit tifs (either because their supplied to you, or it better fits your ROOM workflow) and 3) you have the horsepower to drive it.


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            Re: EFI vs GMG

            I have gmg dotprrof system driving 3 printers and cannot be more happy.

            My RipServer is super fast and it never crushed yet since I installed it.

            I researched and tested for more than half a year all the major players and I decided on gmg. To be short, I like gmg interface - it's easy and uncluttered but at the same time you have the most powerful options just "right click" away. I like gmg processing speed and quality. With EFI you will not have "selective color correction" option which is a life saver in case you are trying to match something that still don't look good after you will get great numbers. Why is this important? Because you may try to match a device that has colors that are out of gamut on the inkjet.

            I can only say that gmg linearization and profiling "works". What I mean is the YOU CAN use the same color profile (MX4 in gmg language) on multiple printers with just separate linearization (MX3 in gmg language). I could not do that in EFI.

            With EFI you will have many, many patches and updates all the time, just like Microsoft. gmg on the other hand releases an update every few months. What's good about EFI? They have Mac version of the software. I wish gmg was running in OS X.

            gmg dots are better (smoother gradients).

            I am using gmg since April 2007 and if I would have to buy it again I would.

            If you need more info contact me.


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              Re: EFI vs GMG

              Thanks for all of the feedback.
              I'll probably skip the dot version of the software.


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                Re: EFI vs GMG

                Dots are not required but it helped me a lot to transition many of my Fuji FinalProof customers into inkjet proofing.

                Once my customers got used to seeing inkjet dotproofs instead of Fuji FinalProofs and press sheets that matched my inkjets I was able for most of them to supply contone proofs.

                Good Luck!


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                  Re: EFI vs GMG

                  Why not GCS ?
                  Michael Jahn - Slightly used PDF Evangelist
                  Simi Valley California


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                    is there any gmg dealer I can consult with? or anyone that would be recommended?


                    - Levy


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                      It's best to get local dealer. You have to tell us your location? India? Russia? Cuba? North Korea?


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                        oh sorry I forgot. I'm located in NYC


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                          I sent you a private message with a dealer contact.



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                            We have a debate on EFI and GMG also.But in my opinion,the black color is better in GMG


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                              Earl McGhee of I Do Color ( is a great guy to know. I use him for my color work. GMG, ORIS, Alwan, EFI, X-RITE (and one or two others probably) have him as a Certified Reseller/Partner/Trainer/Integrator/etc. He's dialed in on most, if not all, companies who sell a color server, measurement device or display.

                              In fact, this week he's installing an EFI XF system for me at a client who is a wide format shop with all sorts of various output devices from solvent, dye, pigment and an iGen.

                              The advantage of someone like Earl is that he sell a solution that fits your needs from the pool of vendors he works with. He doesn't have an Alwan or GMG agenda. He doesn't have an agenda to push. He works *with* you to find the right solution for *your* needs. Which is why I work with him; solution based sales, not product based sales.
                              Matt Beals
                              The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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