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Conversion from U.S WebCoated (SWOP) to IsoCoated V2

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  • Conversion from U.S WebCoated (SWOP) to IsoCoated V2

    I have a pdf with an U.S. Webcoated(Swop) output intent.
    This has a yellow square wich is 4% c, 0% m, 94% y, 0 black.
    When i convert this to the IsoCoated profile, i get different colorvalue's: 8% c, 0% m, 86% y, 0 black
    I did this conversion with GMG Colorserver.

    Is it correct this way? Because the yellow become's much greener this way.

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    You're probably using perceptual rendering intent. Try relative colorimetric.

    Mike Adams
    Correct Color


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      I tested the L*a*b* values quickly in Photoshop using AbsCol rendering intent:

      Original colour values = L83 a-8 b76
      New colour values = L87 a-8 b75

      They are both as green as each other and almost as yellow as each other, the major difference being the L value... Despite/independently of Lab values, I don't think that cyan is good when you want yellow, a little magenta would be better (this being an artistic viewpoint and not a scientific one).

      Relative intent gives different numbers in the above test, with the green being the same with more variation in the yellow.

      Stephen Marsh
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        Did you create your own MX4 in GMG?


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