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    Hello everyone, i would like to know if you can give me your opinions on what you believe would be the best color management proofing solution for me. As of now we have 7, G7 proofing profiles created from our press fingerprints which were made with the PerfX software from TGLC and imported into ApogeeX to do our proofing with great success.

    With the addition of an Epson 9900 we are not able to create a printer profile to use in our workflow with our press profiles because our software cannot create 6 color profiles.

    I have had a demo from who i think are the 3 main players for color management, EFI, GMG and Oris along with a web demo from Agfa for their solution.

    Can you please give me your opinions from your experience on who you think would be the best option and why.

    Thanks !

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    Do you use the Epson print driver? We use Blackmagic rip here. We calibrate the printer without green and orange inks and able to hit Gracol 7 specs. We use MonacoProfiler to create our printer profile.


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      Seagull, PM me with your email info. I use ApogeeX with the Epson 9900 here (upgraded whole system last June)
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        Are you trying profile the 9900 as a 6 color device? You don't need to do that. You can just profile it as a CMYK device. With Black Magic you can run the 9900 as a 4 color device - effectively turning off the orange and green inks, if you don't require the extra gamut.

        Any of the proofing RIPs listed in this thread will drive your 9900 just fine. It kind of comes down to price, features, and preferences.

        I had to run proofers out of Agfa's workflow in the past. From my experience, you will have more success driving the proofer from a dedicated inkjet RIP - especially if you aren't running ColorTune.


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          Sorry for the late answer, but I quite liked the Agfa solution. It does some very advanced colour management, and you will get a head start if you want to do repurposing at any point (switching from one print condition to another, colour managing but keeping primaries and TAC limit of the new device) It is a year since I was on an AGFA system, so I can't give a current report.
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