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  • Nchannel in InDesign

    I was hoping someone could help me out with an InDesign problem.

    We have some customers who deliver pdf's with NCHANNEL (Or Device-N etc.) colors (Typically its black or white that has been defined). The problem is that our rip for our "smaller" large format printers (Roland Versaworks rip) does not handle NCHANNEL well and usually ends up just ignoring colors in the NCHANNEL space.

    When i talk with the customers they tell me that they've defined the colors as CMYK and that they haven't done anything to make it defined as NCHANNEL.

    Is there a way to turn off this "feature" in InDesign?

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    Originally posted by madsk View Post
    Is there a way to turn off this "feature" in InDesign?
    Short answer: There is no button to turn it off, but there may be some workarounds

    Any file you output which does not contain all 4 process plates could contain DeviceN. DeviceN allows for additional channels as well so if you're printing CMYK + Spot, Hexachrome, etc., you can end up with DeviceN. DeviceN can be use for Spot colors, Process colors, or both, depending on the makeup of the file. It's in PDF 1.3 or PS 3 and higher.

    It's possible that using different job options on output can help remedy the problem. Is he using a preset you supplied him or one of the Adobe defaults? Also, what version of ID.

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      Not sure if you're placing the supplied PDF in InDesign and then print to your Roland Versaworks rip but have you tried checking the "Simulate Overprint" in the Output pane of the Print menu (you have to choose composite CMYK) to see if it will rip properly?
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        Have you tried exporting from ID as eps rather than PDF. We use Versaworks & find that eps gives fewer problems (particularly with transparency issues) than PDF. Just a thought.



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          Originally posted by MickRose View Post
          Have you tried exporting from ID as eps rather than PDF. We use Versaworks & find that eps gives fewer problems (particularly with transparency issues) than PDF. Just a thought.

          This is because eps does not support transparency, so that you end up working with pre flattened output.



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            @ MickRose - yes, what Al Ferrari said - it is not eps that fixes this, it is the flattening - one can either;

            1 - export to PDF/X-1a ( which then tells Adobe PDF Lib to flatten before making a PDF file )

            2. - complain to the support team at Versaworks and tell them it is not 1995 and that they need to support PDF/X-4 workflows where PDF files can contain layers, transparency settings and - perhaps - spot colors - these things can all be managed within both Adobe and Global Graphics / Harlequin RIP for several years now !
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              Hey Michael, I like Number 2


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                Problem with Number 2 is that while it might make you feel better, it won't get the job printed.

                I'd also guess that isn't going to happen anytime soon. All that stuff costs money and in fairness to Roland, Versaworks is an entry-level free product. There are several more robust RIP's out there that will drive a Roland, and solve the problem.

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                  NChannel isn't specific to transparency. It relates to plate colors. You can have a file with no transparency and still have DeviceN or NChannel (depending on your version of PDF). DeviceN is part of Posctscript Level 3/PDF 1.3 and higher. NChannel is an further extension of DeviceN which is backwards compatible and part of PDF 1.6 and higher.

                  If NChannel is your problem, a PDF/X-1a should work. If DeviceN itself is not supported, PDF/X-1a might not help.

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                    i face same problem here ,if anybody got answer then please share it thanks
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                      Thank you very very much for all the answers. I'm going to try the PDF/X-1A as a solution and see if I can get it to work.


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