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Spot color replacement on Caldera Grand Rip +

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  • Spot color replacement on Caldera Grand Rip +

    We are using a Caldera Grand Rip + for our HP Latex printer. We are trying to replace a spot color in a document to fine tune the output color.

    We are using the Spot Color Processing tab, but none of our changes have any affect on the print at all.

    We even tried to replace a Magenta with Cyan also without any affect.

    Anybody have any experience with the Spot Color Processing tool on the Caldera Rip?

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    What color is it? Pantone, RAL, ...? Then Caldera has the L*a*b* values. For the most color accurate rendering, select absolute colorimetric, with an optimization. You can see if the color is in or out of gamut of your printer profile.


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      Caldera and spot colour replacement

      One thought. I don't know which version of the Caldera RIP you are using, or which colour space your input file is in, but if you have version 8 or earlier of the RIP and your file is in RGB, then the Spot Colour Replacement does not work (is not supported) in the RIP.

      Should the above be the case, it can be solved by upgrading the RIP to version 9 - (or 9.1, which is the latest version). These versions *do* support Spot Colour Replacement on RGB files.

      If it is not the case (i.e. you already have Version 9 or your file is not in RGB, please let me know ( and I can ask the Caldera people - they are generally very helpful and responsive.


      Rana Raychoudhury
      WW Principal Technical Consultant


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        did you think about the preprocessing the input PDF and replace color within file before it come to the RIP?


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