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  • Color Math for Android

    Hi everyone,

    Just a small announcement - I've made a free utility application for the Android OS, called Color Math. It's a color conversion and difference (delta-E) calculator, including on-screen display of the compared colors. It's pretty basic at the moment, but I'm eager to improve it and make it more professional, so if you decide to use it, your input is welcome!

    Please see the Google Play app page for more information.

    Shahar Klinger
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    Just installed to my Inspire, looks great Shahar! One thing I'd love, but doubt its easy as it sounds. When you enter in the Lab, can it be a large numeric keypad?

    Morgan Manning
    Prinect Workflow and G7 Expert
    Heidelberg USA


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      How about an iOS version?

      Best, gordo


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        Sorry gordo, no. I've been involved in iOS development before, and it turned many hairs of mine to grayscale. Plus, I don't have the hardware needed to support modern iOS versions.


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          Thanks, Morgan!

          Do you mean, when the "Input Lab" dialog appears, and you click on a text field to enter the number, the keyboard that appears is not a numeric keypad? If so, that's a bit strange, since it works fine on my Samsung phone. Perhaps it's a phone-specific hack that I need to do. I'll look into it.



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            I couldn't find it with a search on google play, had to follow your link?


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              Yes, apparently since it's a brand new app, Google doesn't prioritize it in search queries. You can find it by surrounding your search text with double quotation marks. Hopefully, when it gets downloaded enough times, it'll show up higher in the search.



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