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Durst 500R and Gracol 7

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  • Durst 500R and Gracol 7

    Can Caldera rip and Durst 500R printer achieve Gracol 7 specs? We print Epson proofs that are Gracol 7 and print Durst proof pointing to Gracol 7 there is a difference in color. I know that the gamut on the Durst 500r is limited, is our expectations realistic to match an Epson proof is that Gracol 7.

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    Are you printing on the same media? Are both printers regularly calibrated?

    Do you have an ICC profile of the printer profile for the Durst for the media/resolution/passes etc? This profile can be compared to the profile for GRACoL.

    Does the Caldera RIP have a built in colour verification option?

    Print the IDEAlliance media wedge and verify that the numbers pass. This can be done with X-Rite i1 Profiler and an i1 Pro spectro, or with the free UPPCT tool and an and an i1 Pro spectro:

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