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Matching output of two different brand printers.

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  • Matching output of two different brand printers.

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to ask a question about matching print output from two different brand production printers. I essentually want to make sure both are producing the same output color in real life (to within a good match).

    I want to accept files from customers, and print them on iether machine, and know the output will be the same, so that they would not say "why is this logo red different"..

    I have about 1000 hex / rgb color values i mail to my customer (a printed color chart), to help them choose the colors they want on their artwork. The issue is both charts when printed on the different printers are different, how can i match them?

    I'm guessing i have to make an icc, but;

    1. What software do you advise i use to make this icc, and what is the technique called so i can research more.
    2. Do i measure the swathches of the 1000 hex colors of the original print and create a profile for the new printer?
    3. Could i match the existing colors of the older printer, YET at the same time build a profile that takes advantage of the better gamut of the newer machine (it has a better inkset).
    4. Is matching the colors of the old printer, to the new one, going to mess around with the ICC profile as to make pictures appear "weird"?

    I have purchased a second hand Eye one color spectrophotometer (if that helps me). I use a RIP program (wasatch).

    Any advice or pointers would be most appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,


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    Hire a good color management professional.
    What part of the country are you in?


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      I'm in mass, are we talking hundreds or thousands?




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        I'm in CA, no help to you. Most charge $1500/day. This should be an easy half day of work at most.


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          Or some charge via profile or devicelink profile, regardless of time.

          Stephen Marsh
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            you can use monaco profiler or profile maker, just print out the sheets with all colour management turned off on the rips, calibrate them if they need it, make the output profile, then set the input profile on both rips to the same, ie isocoatedv2 or SWOP or whatever, you should be able to get them printing very close, I do it with a presses, konica machines and wide format machines, they all match very well. Also, the eye 1 is ok for the job. Dont pay someone $1500 to do it, do it yourself and you will learn along the way.


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              We use the i1i0 here and it works great. We have 13 wide format presses and all of them get very close when printing the same files over different presses and substrates. We use Caldera GrandRip+ which comes with EasyMedia which is what we use to profile.


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