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ColorGate/Photoshop - different print results

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  • ColorGate/Photoshop - different print results


    I've been thinking about investing in a RIP, mainly but not exclusively for fine art printing on my Epsons (7890/9900) and I had the chance to try ColorGate 7 which really seems to suit my needs workflow wise. The only problem is that using the Epson HTM module, CG7 prints my images noticeable brighter than Photoshop (or Dinax Mirage and the Epson driver in general).

    As far as I can tell the settings are the same for both programs. With both i used a custom ICC profile, perceptual rendering intent and identical media settings. CG7 is set up to respect embedded profiles (sRGB in the case of my test image) and no linearization file is applied (= setting is grayed out).

    Then I thought that the difference may result from CG7 internally using a different color management module for color conversions (btw. does anyone know which CMM it uses? Licensed Adobe CMM? CG's in-house color engine?).
    So I have also tried to print my test image without color management (CG7: all settings in the "color management" tab grayed out; PS: no profile conversion applied in photoshop's print dialog or printer driver).

    Regardless of what I try, the result is always that prints from CG7 come out slightly brighter (scan attached). Thanks for any help.
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    Do you have optional Adobe PDF Print engine?
    If you did not pay for it, you are using Jaws library which back converts everything to PostScript, so it might be doing bad conversion.


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      Thanks for the answer. No, APPE is not included in the version which was provided to me for testing purposes, but I forgot to mention that my test files are all tiffs and to my best knowledge, bitmap formats do not benefit from APPE (?)


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        I think that the ColorGate version looks a lot closer to the original PDF test image, the baby should have a VERY light complexion with not too much pink when compared to the original colour managed PhotoDisc RGB test image (presuming your example image is accurate).

        Do you have a spectro? If you it should be easy to prove which print method is delivering the best results compared to the original.

        Whether you are using the Epson driver or a RIP, one must be using the correct OEM media brand and make and the correct inks. The Epson driver only knows about the Epson media. A third party RIP should have more media options. I would use the linearization option of the RIP.

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          presuming your example image is accurate
          The scan is not really color accurate, sorry, my intention was just to show the difference.

          Do you have a spectro? If you it should be easy to prove which print method is delivering the best results compared to the original.
          I do have a spectro. But I've been printing with the Epson driver for quite a while now, I did extensive testing on things like color accuracy (using custom ICC profiles of course) and I always felt that the driver produces excellent results. My main concern at the moment:
          - Photoshop/Epson driver prints the darker/more saturated version
          - Dinax Mirage does not use the Epson driver directly, but contone libraries provided by Epson. The prints come out identical to the those from Photoshop.
          - CG7 also relies on Epson's HTM module…and prints something completely defferent.
          _If_ I would run ColorGate in Non-HTM mode where it uses it's own screening technology and so on, it is as clear as day that there will be a difference. But with HTM, I can't think of a reason.
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