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Embedding more than 1 profile?

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  • Embedding more than 1 profile?

    Does anyone know if an image may have more than one ICC profile embedded in it?
    If so, how does one do that?


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    Re: Embedding more than 1 profile?

    Not possible As far as I know. What are you looking to accomplish by embedding two profiles in one image?

    It is possible to embed the color effects of one profile into another with Colorthink Pro's ColorCast...useful for softproofing n-channel profiles within Photoshop, which doesn't support n-channel profiles (without a plugin).

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      Re: Embedding more than 1 profile?

      I am not trying to accomplish anything, actually.

      Someone I am working with just claimed that an image could hold more than one embedded profile.
      But my experience with color management also tells me that is not the case.

      I just am looking for some kind of documented affirmation whether this is true.




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        Re: Embedding more than 1 profile?

        Well, perhaps it is possible for certain file formats to contain more than one profile...from the ICC spec...

        "A IC device profile is embedded, in its entirety, as a single TIFF field or
        Image File Directory (IFD) entry in the IFD containing the corresponding image
        data. An IFD should contain no more than one embedded profile. A TIFF file may
        contain more than one image, and so, more than one IFD. Each IFD may have its
        own embedded profile. Note, however, that Baseline TIFF readers are not
        required to read any IFDs beyond the first one."

        So maybe its technically possible, but not for practical purposes from a user perspective. You might want to ask this question at the Colorsync users mailing list and see what kind of response you get.


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          Re: Embedding more than 1 profile?

          It is my understanding that only a PDF created through a PDF library (not having been converted to PostScript) can have multiple files. I've never seen any other format support more than one.
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