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How to match digital proof to certain profile and then to press

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  • How to match digital proof to certain profile and then to press

    Hi Everyone,

    I work for a medium size printing company. We have a Epson 9600 for digital proofing which is set to match the press. We are recently getting customers asking us to match our digital proofing color to their specs (i.e. SWOP) instead of to our press. Obviously if the proofs matched to the SWOP standard than it won't match to our press. What is the best way to solve this problem? We have a system called "Oris". Not sure if this is popular. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to match digital proof to certain profile and then to press

    This is a link to Certified systems.

    Epson 9600 is not on the list of certified SWOP or GRACoL systems anymore as it is older printer. You can still match SWOP with Oris. It depends on the paper. What you need is to download SWOP data set from here: and make a new RFP (Reference Print Profile). If you used certified printer with certified paper - you would linearize your printer and download SWOP rfp from CGS website for that paper.

    Once you have SWOP RFP, make new hotfolder called SWOP, attach SWOP RFP and you are set. You should match SWOP pretty well but you cannot say that you own SWOP CERTIFIED system yet.

    If you don't know how to make a new RFP, call CGS support or hire consultant...

    To know if you have SWOP certified system you should invest in CGS Oris Certified Proof software this will let you print color wedge (new IDEAlliance or Fogra) and measure it. If it is within tolerances you are set.

    Now you will have 2 hotfolders, one that match your press and one that match SWOP.


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