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  • Uncoated color proof

    How do you manage color proofs when you are going to print your job on uncoated paper? Have you go a specific custom ICC profile? Something else?

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    I have used Gracol's uncoated profile, and a custom profile, both with success. The proof is output on a matte inkjet stock to simulate the surface of the uncoated paper.



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      Originally posted by darioluca View Post
      How do you manage color proofs when you are going to print your job on uncoated paper? Have you go a specific custom ICC profile? Something else?
      Uncoated Paper is not uncoated paper: The question is, how close is the distance between the white point of the printing substrat and the white point in a used profile for color management. Next point is the method of measuring (M0 or M1 / without or with UV-Cut to respect optical brightners/OBAs).

      PSO_Uncoated_ISO12647_eci.icc (Characterisation Data set FOGRA47) has a white point LAB 95 / 0 / -2 and is made by measuring with M0, it works good with printing substrats without OBAs, but there are very few uncoated papers without OBAs, e.g. DesignOffset.

      PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52.icc (Characterisation Data set FOGRA52) has a white point LAB 93 / 3 / -10 and is made by measuring with method M1 to respect more the OBAs in most of the papers. Here it could be a problem that the information from the paper suppliers may be mesuared with M0, if there any...

      GRACoL2013UNC_CRPC3.icc has a white point LAB 95 / 1 / -4 (Method ? - i do not know)

      A distance lower/equal Deltae E 3 between printing substrat and profil-whitepoint should match a well or very well result in practise.

      Is there a high budget for a big run periodical production it might be helpfull to create an own special profile. (Then think about the measuring method/OBA-problem)

      EDIT: the proofing substrat must fit of course: with or whithout OBAs and white point...
      I work with FOGRA47 / M0 and Epson Archival matte paper for production with DesignOffset-Paper-Production satisfying.
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        I stock Semi Gloss and Matt papers for proofing with custom profiles for each. Is Matt paper an option for you?


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          Simulating a proof with a custom uncoated profile would produce the best results for color if you do not have a proofing stock that carries a similar white point to your uncoated stock.

          However, it really depends if:
          1. You are able to move away from a standard proofing profile and,
          2. Whether you are able to efficiently create a custom profile based on the uncoated printing condition.

          If you want to create a custom profile efficiently I can provide some suggestions.


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