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Comparrison of RIP Software (EFI Fiery vs Caldera vs Onyx)

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  • Comparrison of RIP Software (EFI Fiery vs Caldera vs Onyx)

    I currently have EFI XF ver 4.5 for proofing and EFI Fiery ver 6.1 for wide format.

    I am considering moving to to Caldera or Onyx for both.

    Needed are suggestion and experiences \ pros and cons.

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    I have used all three of them, but my favorite is Colorgate. You can get demos of these RIPs and try them out.

    A question about your Fiery XF Version 6.1. Do you not have color rendering problems when using Nesting or Step and Repeat. I never had those problem with 5 or earlier but when I upgraded to 6.0 I could and Fiery could never solve those problems so I moved on.


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      Thank you, I will look at Colorgate. I had some issues with Fiery from 6 to 6.1 that weren't there before also.


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        I am a big Caldera fan. Simpler to use, and profile than both Onyx and Fiery. It has better color adjustment tools than Fiery but the last time I used Onyx, 10 years ago, Onyx was better. Support is good from Fiery and Caldera. We use both Fiery and Onyx currently but I think we will switch over to Caldera fully this year. It runs on Linux and Mac which are both better operating systems than Windows. My .02$


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