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Is it possible to create a "profile" using just a few datapoints?

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  • Is it possible to create a "profile" using just a few datapoints?

    Is it possible to make a profile or something that can substitute for a missing profile knowing just a few data points? I'd like to make something that stands in for a Extended Gamut (CMY + OGV) profile. I know the white point, the black, and the LAB values for the 6 "primaries". I'd like to have a profile for this "space" so that I can use software like PatchTool and/or ColorThinkPro to check a list of colors to find which ones are out of gaumt.

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    I don't think this is possible without extensive programming on your part. There are various color models that can predict CIELab values from a small set of measurements - Clapper-Yule, Kubelka-Munk etc. Using these, you could simulate a measurements file (CGATS or other format) that contains enough "measured" points for the profile making software to build you an ICC profile. Its accuracy will not be so high, obviously.

    I haven't seen a tool that can do this for you. Maybe someone else here known of one.


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      ColorXTC has the tools to do that and I believe they offer it as a service:


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