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Searching for a non-expensive proofing software

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  • Searching for a non-expensive proofing software


    in our department we have an Epson 4880 color proof machine. Up until today we've had an old Heidelberg Prinect Workflow with the latest update from 2010. I would like to get rid of the three big clunky computers that we need for Prinect because we sold our offset machine two years ago and have kept the Prinect only for the sake of making contract proofs. That's why I am searching for a cheaper and more simple solution.

    Here is what we already have:
    - ES2000 spectrophotometer
    - EFI Color Profiler Suite
    - EFI Color Verificator
    - Ugra Fogra Media Wedge
    - Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud

    And here is what we need:
    - A software that enables us to use simulation profiles, to include the Ugra Fogra Media Wedge and to relinearize the proofer from time to time.

    I know that the standard solution would be a license for GMG ColorProof. Can someone tell me the approximate costs? Does anyone know if there is a cheaper software than GMG ColorProof?

    Another idea would be, just to install the printer driver on a computer with an InDesign installation and to always include the media wedge into the layout before using InDesigns proof feature. But I have never heard of someone using this method, so i am not sure if this works or if i am getting something wrong about my idea. Another problem is that this does not give me an option to linearize the Epson from time to time.

    Maybe someone has a suggestion for me. Thanks in advance.
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    So you have the EFI profiling software without the RIP correct?

    If all you are looking for is a RIP to drive the Epson to produce contract proofs what about just a wide format RIP like ErgoSoft, Caldera or Onyx? I'm thinking the cost would around $2-3k.


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      Try ( this rip seem to do exactly what you want at relatively low cost around $795.00for your printer.


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