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Trouble color matching blues & purples - offset CMYK, G7 methodology, GRACoL 2013

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    Originally posted by gordo View Post

    I don’t agree. The first thing to do is establish your manufacturing’s current condition relative to your defined targets. That will help narrow down what you should try.
    Otherwise you’re like a drowning person flapping their arms uselessly thinking that at least they’re trying something.
    Also known as 'grasping at straws'. Knowing what you're dealing with is the first step towards a successful solution.


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      Prepress lables,

      In what way do the blues/purples on the proofs differ from the offset printing? (lacking cyan, lacking magenta, weaker/stronger in proofs, or what)
      What rip are you using to color manage the proofer?


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        The purple colors are made from midtown (40-50-60%) areas of Mag/Cyan, they are the most difficult to control because of dot gain.
        i would measure the mid tone gain of your “good” profile sheets & compare the gain of your current sheets. You will have to add a color bar that contains Solid&50% patches of each color. I would also add a grey patch too (50C-40M-40Y). Felix Brunner has it right saying 70% of color shifts are because of dot gain - only 10% caused by SID”.
        So what do we measure?
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          If you are working with Gracol2013, I recommend contacting Idealliance or a G7 expert and have them walk you through this.
          "Tinkering" with your proofing is a nono and same goes for playing with your ink densities on press.
          Is you customer using the correct icc profile and are his or her proofs color correct for the destination/production paper (certified to a corresponding standard)?
          You yourself should first of all be proofing to Gracol2013, corresponding to the paper you are about to print on, so you know your target colors, otherwise you might as well switch off the lights before you start printing. The icc profile used by your customer needs to be correspond to your output curves, adjusted for output according to Gracol 2013 - and then there is the press of course.

          Do you know if your standard densities are correct - M1 LAB values once dry, according to the current ISO 12647 standard?

          Best regards



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            Is this problem solved?
            If not, we will need you to answer the questions that have been asked by everyone.


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              Some information I hope of interest and value.

              Regards, Alois.

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