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banding in IT.8 created profile

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  • banding in IT.8 created profile


    I'm creating a custom profile for my scanner using a Wolf Faust - Fuji Crystal Archive it.8 target. as I scan iamges printed on that paper.
    The craeted profile is perfect in regards to color, however it gives me banding/posterizing in the highlight areas that are not there on the scan that does not have a profile assigned.
    I tested this on both an epson 10.000xl and 11.000xl and it happens on profiles craeted for both scanners.

    There are 2 reference files supplied, one regular (when there is a black backing on the scanner) and one for white backing (which the epson's have).
    I've craeted profiles with both reference files, but both have the banding.

    For creating the profiles I use Roughprofiler.

    in case anyone wants to have a look, here is a link to a zip folder in dropbox containing:
    - it.8 target scan (no profile)
    - 2 reference files for that target
    - 2 profiles I have created
    - the scan of the image (no profile), that is attached here as a screenshot showing the issue.

    any suggestions to solve this?
    I'm not too technical regarding icc profiles etc. just a basic understanding.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 16.49.15.png

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    Where, what program did you do the assigning and converting?


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      I see it in the round highlights, they don't transition smoothly from inside to outside.
      it only affects the highlights, nowhere else in the image this happens. not sure to describe it as banding or posterizing?

      I'm opening up the scan file in photoshop, which upon opening will let me know that the file does not have a profile assigned.
      from that same pop-up box i will select ASSIGN PROFILE (select the profile i created), and check the box -and then convert the document to working RGB-.


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        Look at you target scan. Your absolute white and black were not set correctly when you scan it. You should have a way to click on those squares and set those as 0,0,0, and 255,255,,255 when you make that scan.
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          Hi DYP,
          Thank you for replying.

          I'm pretty sure I should not have set the black and white point when making my scanner profile.

          As I understood you scan the target without any (auto) color correction and don't attach a profile, and this applys to any scans you do after making the profile.
          When i create my scanner profile, the software will 'read' my it.8 target values, and the reference file will 'tell' the profile how to adjust.
          so that the grey base on the left image becomes white on the right image.

          Do I need to use a target with more patches like HutchColor?


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            Try setting your absolute white and black even if you do it to the target scan in photoshop and see what happens.


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              when you say target scan, do you mean the scan of the it.8 target?
              just to be sure.

              I've tried both ways your suggestion could be interpreted

              1- applied a curve adjustment layer (in luminosity mode) to the it.8 target scan to set white and blackpoint, before creating a new profile with those values.

              2- opening up the 'bokeh' scan in photoshop, DON'T ASSIGN PROFILE.
              created a curve adjustment to set whitepoint. merged down, and assigned the normal scanner profile.

              both leave me with the banding.


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                Try levels adjustment/eyedropper tool and see if that makes a difference. What software are you generating the profile in? What software are to scanning with, and does it not allow you to set or automatically set the white and black point with CM off?


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