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G7 for Indesign and Acrobat

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  • G7 for Indesign and Acrobat

    How should the color management preferences be setup for these apps? how would I keep the same color and/or setup for a PDF if i resaved it out of Acrobat. In other words, if i get a PDF from a client, how can I make the color the same as if I had the clients original and exported it out of Indesign? How are these 2 apps, color management sync d up? - thx

    Another question I have is; Once a PDF is saved out of Indesign are the color specs, or profiles, locked in? Can we place it back into Indesign and change them, to say Gracol? or have a Gracol ICC profile in Acrobat and over ride the embedded profiles in that PDF?
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    You certainly should not place the PDF back into InDesign and use different PDF export settings.

    Re-export the original InDesign document!

    - Dov


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      thx - would using the same settings degrade it at all? We've had to add a QR code to an existing PDF and resave - thx


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        If you don't have access to the original InDesign to re-export a PDF, your next best bet is to use a tool like Pitstop to add the QR code into the PDF.


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          But then I would be saving out of acrobat. - so that keeps the same color info? Would I need to do anything in the Acrobat Prefs as far as color management to keep the PDFs original color info? - thx


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