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Profiling a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000

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  • Profiling a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000

    So we bought this printer to replace our imagePROGRAF 9100. Well I built the profiles for that machine and all was great. Prints were outstanding and matched beautifully. No issues with color matching.

    Now we have a slight problem. Profiled the 6000 and everything went well profiles appear to be solid. In fact on 99% of what we are printing we are happy however detail in shadows on our matte paper seems to get a tad muddy. The real issue is this and I have never experienced this so I am not sure what is going on or better yet, how to resolve it.

    We have an artist that we have been doing work for for several years. She has 3 particular pieces that she has reordered. The color in question is a very rich purple and blue. When we soft proof the file using the profile for the paper everything is out of gamut (purple-blue). However where it begins do get darker on the edges, when soft proofing, it turns grey? When you print it it prints just like it displays.

    This same image I can take to my laser printer and understandably it soft proof out of gamut however the grey does not show in the image. It prints fine given all the obvious expectations, conversion, paper, process, etc. The thing is it does not soft proof with the "grey" using the custom profile for the laser as it does with the inkjet.

    I use an xrite isis with xrites profiling software i1 Profiler. I am using the 2945 patch set.

    Just wondering if anybody has experienced this sort of problem before and can explain what's going on and possible remedy.

    Appreciate the help as always

    BTW With the inkjet, the image is tagged adobergb and was sent with perceptual as in the past on the other inkjet but out of curiosity also relative colormetric which helped a tad with the lessening the "grey" but tbh same result. I have also tried to build a profile a few times but the end result is always the same.

    Here are two of the profiles created and a wedge of the image
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