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    I want to create a chart for profiling CMYK + 2 colors. The 2 colors will be Orange and Green. When it is time save the chart, it is only an eps format. If I create a standard chart CMYK, I have options tiff, pdf and eps. I want the chart as a tiff so I can profile our offset using CMYK orange and green. Any ideas?

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    i1Profiler can't generate a TIFF or PDF with spot colors in them - they opted for EPS instead. I remember using a really terrible workflow to get what I wanted:
    • Place the EPS in Illustrator (InDesign doesn't like these EPS files, don't know why).
    • Save as a PDF - make sure you don't downsample images and use ZIP compression.
    • Use GhostScript to separate the PDF into individual TIFF files.
    I used GhostScript because it was a tool I worked with every day and was comfortable with it. You might try opening the PDF in Photoshop and saving a TIFF, or pack the separations into a multi-channel image in Photoshop and save them.

    Does you RIP know how to handle TIFFs with spot colors?


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      We have Nexus 8.6 version. It does support tiffs with spot colors and assign curves for each color. Thank you for your reply. I am shocked that i1Profiler does not create a tiff for extra colors.


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        I've made som 7-color profiles with i1Profiler and I merged the separations EPS's in Photoshop as CMYK + 3 channels PSD-file. Then I placed the PSD in Indesign and export as PDF/X-4. Worked fine but the process is far from perfect..
        / Magnus


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