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Pantone GOE color to CMYK?

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  • Pantone GOE color to CMYK?

    What's the best way to convert Pantone GOE color to CMYK values?

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    Re: Pantone GOE color to CMYK?

    Don't they have a conversion table? I thought I read something about that on


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      Re: Pantone GOE color to CMYK?

      I don't think they've addressed that yet in their software (last I read about it). I'm not surprised. For now, what else can someone do except get the Lab values (if you have them) or sRGB values (if you don't have the Lab values) and use color management to obtain the CMYK values (out-of-gamut color mapping may not be optimal)? That's all we can do. You'd have to have your press/paper/ink ICC profile to get the best results (and depending on what program made the ICC profile you will get better results or worse results than you could with another program making the ICC profile).

      In InDesign, make your press profile for the paper type to be the CMYK profile of the document (assign profile if that ICC profile is not already the CMYK profile in color settings). Then make a new color with the Lab values you want to match (this works for custom colors whose Lab values were obtained from a spectrophotometer scanning a printed piece also - if you want to match the printed piece; or get the Lab values of whatever the color is you want to match). When output as CMYK, the Lab values will be converted to CMYK using color management. If it was an older PANTONE color, and you wanted to get the best match (the out-gamut color mapping issues still apply), you would go to Ink Manager and check convert all spot colors to process and also check use Lab values.

      Like I said before, what else can we do?



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        Re: Pantone GOE color to CMYK?

        I would be interested in seeing a poll as to how many printers have adopted this new standard... I'm based in Australia and everyone in the industry I've asked about it has had no clue so far! Either it hasn't been promoted here or I'm just an internet geek and have heard bout this ahead of time... Cheers, Tony


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