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Gold Inks and plate life

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  • Gold Inks and plate life

    Is anyone out there using metallic gold inks with a lot of coverage?,

    I'm trying to find out how many impressions people are getting out of a these plates as we are only getting around 50M or so using Kodak thermal golds.

    Seems to me we should be getting more but they are saying the metallic inks attack the plates really bad.


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    Re: Gold Inks and plate life

    This is a known fact. Maybe a baked plate would last longer, but it's just printing with sandpaper. That's why they burnish and mark so easily.
    John Lind
    Cranberry Township, PA


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      Re: Gold Inks and plate life

      Well yea I figured they would wear faster just not that fast, now I'm hearing that it's not wearing the emulsion so much as the background is getting sensitized?


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        Re: Gold Inks and plate life

        Ditto what John said, you're just beating the piss out of the plates w/ any metallic. I would definitely review post-baked plates.
        Have you looked at printing trans. yellow on top of metalized papers? We used to do that for the 'gold' look, in part I think, due to costs and wear.

        - Mac


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          Re: Gold Inks and plate life

          We are using post baked plates. Kodak themal gold.

          Had a tech in and he's saying part of the problem is the blankets are picking up the gold ink after it's cured and passing it down to the next units, stay tuned.

          p.s. its an existing line so we can't change substrates.

          Edited by: G_Town on Jan 16, 2008 11:20 AM


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            Re: Gold Inks and plate life

            Did you say "after the gold was CURED" like in UV cured? Or, is the gold ink back trapping on downstream blankets and wearing those plates. Probably in the non image areas too. Just part of the pain in working with metallics.
            If it's UV curing, it could be a shielding phenomena of the lamps, bouncing back the UV on the blankets, and even worse, the back cylinders. Hard to chip off.
            John Lind
            Cranberry Township, PA


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