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  • Problem with Processor

    We have a CTP 85 processor that is leased from Fuji. Since one of the Fuji techs came to work on the machine to change the replenishment rate, I have been getting dirty plates after about 2 weeks of chemistry. Of course, Fuji says I should rebatch every 2 weeks, but I know better. I got advice from someone that a quick fix is to put the just a tiny bit of DT-2R in the developer tank. That raises my conductivity up and I get some cleaner plates. This past week, my conductivity has been 45+ and I just started getting halfway developed plates. These chemicals are only 2 1/2 weeks old. Surely the chemicals don't get "old" that quick. Or do they?? I run 2 size plates. 23 5/8 x 28 3/4 and 13 x 19. And I do a good bit of plating jobs. Does anyone know any tips on the chemistry??

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    Re: Problem with Processor

    we had similar problems with our 85P.. Changed 2 things that made it go away.

    1. Replaced the Scrub Brush cover more often (every time we rebatch 4-6 weeks)
    2. Adjusted the set screw on the scrub brush so it was pressing a little harder on the plate

    I would try the scrub brush first and see if that clears up your problem. For us it would first show on our thinner 6 gauge plates before it would show up on our 12 gauge.


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      Re: Problem with Processor

      Is your scrub brush set properly and have you performed a scrub test? If pressure isn't set right the developer is doing all the work and when the conductivity starts to drop it's not enough to clean off the plate. There is a procedure (based on plate ) for finding the right pressure and balance across the plate.

      Sometimes it takes a couple try's to find the right replenish rate to balance life and usage.

      Also what is Fuji telling you as far as square feet and length of developer life?


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