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  • Proofing for CTP

    Hi Dear All.

    Well i am in search for a Proofing device which can satisfy following Needs.

    1) Back to back Proofing either in B/W or Multi color
    2) Will be Printed through ready Imposition.
    3) Lowest cost of Ownership
    4) Faster in Output
    5) Better Resolution
    6) Low Consumables
    7) Less Variable Expense
    8) Good After sales and Service

    If anyone has information about this types of device please let me have your comments.

    Sellers can Contact me at:

    Yogesh Patel
    Project Engineer (BE-Printing,D.P.T)
    Navneet Publications India Limited
    Cell : +91-98257 02347

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    Re: Proofing for CTP

    AS far as I am concerned with hard copy proofs there are two types

    The first is used for content and can print out reduced impositions - so you can make sure that pages are in the correct order. I have in the past used Canons - and now use a small Xerox SRA3 colour laser - its cheap and fast (about 15 SRA3 proofs a minute) and does the job.

    The second is a colour correct proof - I use Epson 7800's - they work and are reasonably colour stable.

    However I have learnt over the last two years that unless the proof has a validation label on it saying that is has been individually checked - it can't be trusted.
    I use Bodoni's software for this-about $500 and works with a little Gretag eye one.
    4 up proofs cost about $4 each

    Hope this helps


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      Re: Proofing for CTP

      Hi, Here in my country we are using EFI application. But first, we use 1bit in creo then transfer the negative format into EFI print. We use this technique to assure that no text, images etc. will be gone.


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        Re: Proofing for CTP

        You might look for a Spinjet that will print color accurate, backed to back proofs that we use in place of old blue lines. We Also use Epson 7000's for higher resolution color proofs, but the Spinjets are perfect for the back to back proofs clients like to see.


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          Re: Proofing for CTP

          Hi. We are using 8 up imposition thru preps, and we have a rampage front end system.

          Epson large format proofers work really well as long as you can control the file you are sending. The resolution is good, the quality is good and the paper is cheap. Even the machine itself is very affordable.



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            Re: Proofing for CTP

            Epson Color printers (7880/9880) are going to be your best bet, but remember that the Delta E is different on each machine so custom ICC profiling of each substrate and each engine would be necessary for your accurate color reproductions. The inkjet machines will give you the best output. As far as back to back, run 2 proofs and use spray mount to attach them back to back.


            Hope this helps...


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