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  • Galileo 5MW Violet


    We have a Agfa 5MW Galileo 8 up platesetter, Apogee X3.5,and Agfa Print Drive (waiting to install 4.0. Have the software but no installer yet) . I would like to find out the best way
    to upgrade this CTP as this is 5 years old. Works great but plate cost is way too much.

    Is it best to just move on to a thermal or upgrade to a 30/60 MW Violet and wait for a process less violet. Does any one know how much the upgrade be from Agfa or any
    after market vendor. Please let me know if any one has gone the upgrade route.

    As far as thermal is concerned, I heard that Agfa will no longer make Avalon and will sell
    Screen GLV machine. That leaves only Kodak and Screen ( Fuji as well) to choose from.
    I am not sure about any less known brands. Has any one been able to keep the Agfa Print
    drive running properly with non Agfa CTP.


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    Re: Galileo 5MW Violet


    I wanted to touch base to encourage you to speak
    with your local Agfa representative.

    Yes, Galileo upgrades to 60 mW violet are available
    through your local service organization, and your
    local rep. can illustrate how to interface PrintDrive
    to "alien" devices.

    As to your other points, for now there is only speculation,
    as our line-up for Drupa has not been formally announced.

    Steve Musselman, Agfa Graphics - USA,
    Senior Corporate Account Executive


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      Re: Galileo 5MW Violet


      Thanks for your reply. A lot of Agfa people in our area have left and gone to work for
      others and there has been a lack of representation for several years. My idea for the post was to find out if there are people who have done this upgrade and if they are happy with the end result. We run quality products and compete with high end shops who have thermal devices. Our viloet has done a very good job. I am not sure about the effect on quality of upgrading the laser to 60 and using some other plate from Agfa or non Agfa. The idea is keep the quality or better it while reducing the high costs of LAP -V.

      As far as asking the Agfa rep, the knowledge is lacking and responses are months apart
      after repeated calls. We were told to add things to print drive at high cost just to share files with another shop with identical setup and even that did not work. We still can not take a 1bit tiff from any one and plate it. There is a long list and I can go on and on.
      Agfa has good products, servie and attitude is a different issue.

      I know you are with Agfa. I do not need your help to get some one from Agfa to help me, I
      would be happy to know your suggestions and thoughts.

      Thanks again.


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        Re: Galileo 5MW Violet

        RM -

        A few points...

        As far as violet goes, you won't find a higher resolution, more linear, nor wider operating latitude plate on this or any other planet than the LAP-V technology you have now.

        WRT 1-bit-TIFF exchange, don't give up... I suspect you may have the proper pieces - you might just need some guidance. (Are you active in the Apogee Users Forum?)

        I wasn't clear if you wanted my help or not in getting renewed contact from an Agfa agent. Please PM me and I'll be happy to further help.

        Steve Musselman, Agfa Graphics - USA,
        Senior Corporate Account Executive


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