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  • CTP Plate Poll

    In case you haven't seen it, I posted up an informal Poll to see what brand of CTP plates people are using.

    You can view and vote using this link

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    Re: CTP Plate Poll


    Can't remember if I answered your poll previously but because we are changing plate types, thought I'd respond even if again.

    We were using Fuji plates with processing.

    We are now using Fuji Pro-T (processless) with good success after one month.
    The plate is acting just like the previous plate with the exception that it cannot be used at all with matte varnish.
    As with most no bake plates, metallic ink has a run length of about half as much as non metallic ink. I still have to thoroughly test this vendor info.
    So far the Pro-T has a similar run length to our prev no bake plate. It is spec'd at 100M and we have gotten 130M on one job so far. If you want I will report on longer lengths when run as we gain experience.

    Those who wonder about this plate can contact me through the forum with questions which I will attempt to answer.
    Best regards,


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      Re: CTP Plate Poll

      Are you still happy with the Fuji plate? What other plates did you consider/test? What plate did you use before Processless?

      Thanks in advance.



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        Re: CTP Plate Poll

        We were using Kodak plates that we had to process, then we went to the Kodak Processorless plate and was getting holes in the images and spots on the plates that would not develope out.
        So now we switched to the Fuji Pro-T Processorless plates and they are beautiful. As long as the lot number is 0509 and above they develope out nice and the image looks great.



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