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  • Fuzzy Plate Spots

    Hello all, i hope some one can help with a plate problem that we are experiencing more often than i like. This year and even the odd time last year we were getting spots on our plates that have fuzzy edges about 1/8 to 3/16 in size, at first Agfa told us that is was coming from our processor so we took the steps to try and get rid of it and it seemed to go away, but this year it is happening more frequently so we had Agfa back in. They told us that we needed an anti static that was grounded to our galelio because the plate maker was creating a static charge and it was zapping the plate inside the plate setter, so we did that, we still have the problem. Another tech came in and said our plate maker needed to wear static discharge straps on his shoes so that when he stepped onto the mat he would fully discharge, so we did, we still have the problem. We think i might be the static in the packaging of the plates or maybe where they store them. Our department is humidity controlled at 45-55 constantly, it's like a rain forest they say, so we are not dry. We had a tech in from 3M who services mostly companies that deal with circuit boards, he thinks we need an ionizer system installed. Me, i am stumped, if anyone has any real idea of what could cause this please help me out.

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    Re: Fuzzy Plate Spots

    Are you sure that you haven't had a bad batch of plates?

    Do the spots wipe off with plate cleaner or are they image based?
    If they wipe off it is possibly some kind of algae build up in your wash.

    I did experience fuzzy spots a long time ago. Under a Loop the spots looked the same colour as unexposed metal.
    But on closer inspection the edges of the spots had a green/yellow fringe.
    It turned out to be an algae problem.

    Good luck



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