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Rosette errors unforeseen

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  • Rosette errors unforeseen

    Four up of same carton image (eps file from ai CS2). Printing out of Quark 6 template. Two cartons have good hollow center rosettes while the other two have dot in center rosettes. Problem not seen until press with client approval. Talk about looking like fools!
    Sent same exact file again, no problem. Npw it's a crap-shoot! Real bummer.

    John W

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    Re: Rosette errors unforeseen

    What proofing system did not show this? What did the customer see on press, what was the difference? Where do you think it happened?
    John Lind
    Cranberry Township, Pa


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      Re: Rosette errors unforeseen

      We use Black Magic and Epson running off the HqRip. Thenthe one bit goes to Output Director (Rampage Shooter only) to manage the one bit to drive a Javelin 8600Z. The BM uses real dot but does resample to run on the Epson. If I check the Epson (with hindsight), I can see some problems but to watch every image everytime would be a killer. We have to expect that the rip will be consistent. I think the problem is at the rip and its settings which are set to 'Use Harlequin Precision Screening' and 'Use hollow center rosette' but this does not seem to be fool proof. We are still testing but right now it appears to be a crap shoot!

      The rosettes with hollow center look clean and normal, the center spot rosettes appear like a mild moire. Lay person might not even see it but we did and the knowledgeable client did. Job was reluctantly accepted because of time pressure to get job to marketplace.

      Now I want to get to the bottom of this because every other job is now at risk!


      Edited by: John Willis on Mar 18, 2008 9:27 AM


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        Re: Rosette errors unforeseen

        I would delete the screen caches first to allow the rip to re-generate a fresh halftone, iirc by emptying the folder sw>screns, what version does i say in rip monitor, eclipse or genesis ?


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          Re: Rosette errors unforeseen

          Thanks, I'll try that. Problem seems to have gone for the most part. Am watching carefully.


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            Re: Rosette errors unforeseen

            Hello, you might also consider that Station in which you have the Rip. ive seen that some times that problems are ELectronic Noise made by the Computer in which the rip is mounted on.


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