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Odd Colour Separations!

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  • Odd Colour Separations!

    Hi Guys,

    I'm having a problem with the end colour result of a magazine I work on and I wondered if you could help?

    We have a script supplied by the repro house who make our final pdfs for this particular title, although we have in house repro for everything other project. And the colour on the final product is looking really bad.

    When we looked closely at the pdfs to work out whats going wrong, the colour separations are impure, as to say all colours appear on every plate in varying amounts. It is still split up as cmyk, but for example a logo that was 100m 80y now has 7% cyan in it, and I want to know why this particular separation is being used?

    I hope you can help, many thanks,


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    Re: Odd Colour Separations!

    sorry, I should probably say we're using indesign and the repro house colour server is a helios.


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      Re: Odd Colour Separations!

      Some CMYK to CMYK color management conversion obviously occured somewhere in the process if the CMYK values changed. That script you talked about, what was it for? You have to talk to the guys at your repro house and try to figure out where the conversion happened. CMYK to CMYK profile conversions for images are not problematic if the whole process is done properly, but that involves good communication to avoid "double color-management" or unnecessary conversions.
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        Re: Odd Colour Separations!

        Thanks very much for replying...

        The script is for creating the print ready pdfs, we just drop the indd file on it. We have the .lay (fpo) files in-house and the repro house replaces them with the hi-res at their end.

        The funny thing is even solid colours like 100C will still have small amounts of the other plates in them after using this script, so its not just image based.


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