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CTP/Processor issues

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  • CTP/Processor issues

    Been having this issue come and go for months now. Running large and smaller LP-NV plates and Fuji chemical—having trouble with plates either not cleaning up or the lighter coverage (screen) area do not show up on the plate. It seems that anything below 12% opacity sometimes shows up and sometimes does not. Burning the plates at 44-47 joules, everything is clean in imagesetter (lenses, etc.), processor has fresh chemical and water. Earlier this last year we had to increase the preheat temps. to 215 and 210, then all of a sudden we needed to decrease temps to Fuji specs of 190 and 180, don't know why. This has been driving us all nuts. I've re-linearized the press out puts; which seemed to work well for a while. We're printing at 130 and 180 lpi. I'm starting to wonder if I need to completely re-setup our CTP and start from a clean slate. The only problem with this is that the rip help menu isn't much help.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: CTP/Processor issues

    We are having issues with plate output from on of our clients CTP processor. The processor is fron Glunz and Jenz it is Interplater 85HD, while the Plate maker is Creo Trensetter.

    We are experiencing a challenge with the output plate from our device.
    There is variation in the image accross the plate . This happen whenever we print tone jobs, but on solid images , it is okay. This is greatly affecting the printing of labels. Since label are branded jobs , the custormers insist on the require specification.

    We can not say specifically what the cause is, below are our list of
    possible cause we need your assistance to trace the fault.

    1.) Could there be fault on the imaging head of our Creo Trendsetter
    Quantum 800.

    2.) Could it be the cause of wears & tears on the rollers of our plate
    processor (Interplater 85HD).

    3.) Could it be that our plates have expired . We use thermal plates from
    Ultimate Grapholine. Plates were bought 2 years ago.

    4.) Can the staccato screen software be helpful with this issue.

    5.) Can we get cost for processless plate for the dimension; 450 X 628 X 20

    Best Regards,



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      Re: CTP/Processor issues

      The value of micro Joules which you mentioned is that what your CTP supplier recommend? its just I have heard a value of 90-110 for LP-NV being bounded around before


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        Re: CTP/Processor issues

        Ok a few things to consider:

        1) If the plates are expired... have you tried a new box?
        2) Are there any laser power fluctuations? I would doubt your isue is coming from the trendesetter.
        3) Check your chemistry, how old is it? What is the condition of the brush in the processor? Is the brush level from left to right?
        4) Stochastic screening is not very good for flat tint screens, try this same job at 133/150 lpi conventional dot.
        5) Not sure about a processorless plate.

        Hope this helps!


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