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  • HP 5000

    I'm switching over to the HP 5000, poly plates. I use the AB Dick 360 press.

    I sure could use any information you could provide for How-To go about the prosess

    of making the poly plate - I've been told the plate must be put through a laminate machine,

    before going to press. I cannot locate a booklet on instructions. Toll free 800-356-8754.

    Bill Reichard. HELP!

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    Re: HP 5000

    I would think it depends on which brand plate you use. Look for instructions on your brand of plate and then hopefully tips on using that plate on your HP 5000.


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      Re: HP 5000

      The poly plates we used on our LaserJets we set up the printer for vellum paper and printed them. We didn't do anything special other than to run them through the bypass tray.
      Matt Beals
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        Re: HP 5000

        You do not have to use a laminator if you have a HP 5000 or 5100. If you buy one of the newer models then they do not support the laser plates. look for a refurb 5100 on line. Use the plates made by Technova they are bullet proof. Our Technova plate is called Optima and is readily available at paper stores or dealers. If you want a dealers location, email me.



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          Originally posted by mattbeals View Post
          The poly plates we used on our LaserJets we set up the printer for vellum paper and printed them.
          Did you use vellum because it is the hottest setting?


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            HP says Vellum is not the hottest setting. Hot is the hottest. You may get more impressions if you image on the Hot setting.


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