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  • CIP 3 (PressPerCent)

    Does someone use PressPerCent instead of Prepress Interface?

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    pressperecent user


    maybe too late, but we use presspercent instead of prepress interface on a pm74


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      Hello Luisyesid,
      How is densite balance from left to right ? Does it work fine for low coverage areas as well ? If results are not good how do you calibrate CIP3 data ? Does caracteristic curve in CP2000 or PressCenter modify Presspercent CIP3 data ?



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        I use prepress interface, and our pressmen still need to lower all the ink zones manually a certain percentage(they figured through trial) to get densities close in print ready. Recently I read that i need the rip to apply a curve to the ppf(cip3) file before sending to prepress interface. and i am not sure how cp2000 characteristic curves come into play. Can those be disabled? do they need to be?

        below is a link to harlequin's cip3 plugin where i read a curve needs to be applied...


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          Dear Mazengh,
          What I saw your RIP just produce simple PPF file for Prepress Interface. Modifying ink zones via your RIP is not possible. If characteric curves in printing machine control software are well adjusted your operator will not need to change ink zones manually. Ask support from local Heidelberg service. They will adjust Pre-inking and Caracteric curves for more accurate densite balance during start up. It works better with CP2000 version > 40.


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            You have to create a DIO curve in your press to control the water and ink balance,so can ensure your CIP3 does the right color~


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              Bloodsaler, what does DIO stand for? is it the same curve as the characteristic curve?


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                Not the characteristic curve, not typical ctp compensate curve,it`s a kind of curve that control the ink and water roller speed,which create by the vendor supplier~


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                  I have attached screenshots from our speedmaster CD 102. It looks like DIO is under characteristic curves.... is that what needs to be adjusted? or maybe a new curve should be created? so prepress interface or PressPerCent for the matter are not enough to get close to standard densities.
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                    We use KBA press,in kba system it called water-ink curve,in heidelberg it called DIO curve.It`s a part of the CIP3,and in kba there are two curves,one is related to the printing speed,another one is cip3 curve.So I`m not familiar with heidelberg press,but if you are interested in it,we can discuss it through MSN~


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                      Hello Mazegh,

                      Your characteristic curves in pictures must be adjusted to get close your aimed densities. Your current curves set can be adjusted or you can create a new one. But adjustment can be done by a service specialist. Test jobs must be printed under ideal conditions and measured for adjustment. If you have Color Assistant option you can do adjustmet yourself by pressing just one button but this option works better with Axis or Image Control. In my experiences the curves which were created with Color Assistant in cooperation with Axis/Image Control always provided more accurate and balanced densite values than manuel adjusted curves.

                      As Bloodsaler said different brand machines are using different names for same function. I just mentioned CIP3 calibration curve. You can also find speed compensation curve under same menu.



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                        Originally posted by luisyesid View Post

                        maybe too late, but we use presspercent instead of prepress interface on a pm74
                        You wrote you are using PressPerCent with you SM74. Do you use card reader or the data is tranfered via network and option called presetlink (on cp2000)?

                        In my previous company, we were using Prepress Interface instaead of pressprercent. However, the ink data were in Prepress Interface data format and stored in PPI database. If the software were closed, the printer could not see any data on cp2000 list.

                        I wonder, how it will work with Presspercent.


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                          Hi, does anyone have a file for an offset printing plate? For printing on paper, check with a densitometer from 1 to 32 color areas of the densitometer And calibrate Dio cp 2000 ? I've heard that Heidelberg does this servic, on the press, can someone then give a detailed description, the method of calibration of this process Thank you.
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