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How to cut aluminum plates

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    The company I work for is CtP-service company - we image thermal plates for others. We do not have every imaginable format of plates so we have 8 main formats (1 8up, 4 4up and 3 2up) and we use the plate trimmer to make final product of required size. It is used for over 10 years now with monthly volume over 300 plates of 0.30 and 0.15mm plates (mostly 2 cuts per plate). In recent months it starts to show need to be sharpened. You can buy it and use for long time for plate customization.

    50 plates 0.30mm 2 cuts takes about 20 minutes and I'm well practiced. So if it is 100 plates per hour including packing (and that can be achieved by most people) it is a 2 day job.

    Only thing that is important to mention to seller is that you will be cutting metal plates. Angle of blade is different and the blade itself is somewhat different in terms of finish.


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      We use Mohr cutter with proper knife.


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        Dear friends and colleagues, I appreciate your advises and comments, I will put some of them in practice. Good day.


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