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Xitron SCSI to USB reenergizes legacy CtP machines

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  • Xitron SCSI to USB reenergizes legacy CtP machines

    Xitron has been awarded US Patent #10108559 for their USB interface designed to drive SCSI, CTP & CTF engines. A nearly 2-year process culminated in the award on October 23, 2018.

    Designed to replace aging & outdated SCSI cards driving Kodak Trendsetter CTP engines, the project quickly grew to enable owners of many other SCSI-based CTP & CTF engines to continue their use.

    Initially designed to work with Xitron Navigator RIPs & Raster Blaster TIFF Catchers, the new SCSI interface is available in 2 configurations: High-voltage differential (HVD) and Single-Ended.
    • The HVD version drives the Kodak Trendsetter, Agfa Palladio, Fuji Luxel VX 6000 & Fuji 9600 CTP devices.
    • The Single-Ended model drives the Agfa Palladio (if so equipped), Fujifilm 5040 & 5055, Screen FT-R 3035, 3050, & 3055, the Screen Katana 5040 & 5055 and Screen Micra.
    During the last 2-years, throughout the patent application process, SCSI interfaces have been sold to customers in need of a solution in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America, the UK and the European continent. In several cases, they were successfully paired with Fujifilm XMF systems.

    Xitron’s unique USB interface bridges the connectivity gap between output device manufacturers and prepress workflows

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    I can confirm your information 100%. I installed my first Xitron USB2SCSI right after DRUPA 2016 for a Mitsubishi SDP-Eco 1630 III at the administration print shop of the City of Mainz/Germany (Gutenberg´s home town ;-)).

    It´s a perfect solution for updating your old RIP & plate setter combination.

    Best regards
    Martin Müller
    Prepress-Service & Technical Support, Essen GERMANY


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      What is the cost of this solution?
      I'm struggling right now to keep my EVO XP box alive currently.


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        Hi QTab,

        the price depends on your existing HarlequinRIP version. For an individual offer contact your local Xitron dealer. He would need your HQ-RIP dongle´s Serial No. & Security#.
        Martin Müller
        Prepress-Service & Technical Support, Essen GERMANY


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