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ECRM MAKO NEWS Vs. Screen 8600E

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  • ECRM MAKO NEWS Vs. Screen 8600E

    I have a violet ECRM MAKO NEWS that is putting out great plates . We purchased a thermal CTP a Screen 8600E for a backup system. My color looks better with ECRM than the Screen.The Screen looks grainy to me. Does anyone know why the Screen would do this ?

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    Define grainy. Have you looked at dots on plates under a microscope ?
    My 2c let's assume you expose plates at 1200 dpi and both platesetters are within spec, media corectly set up and calibrated. Although it has a larger spot size the ECRM may produce better printable dots being sligthly gaussian than the thermal machine plotting 1200 dpi simulated dots (2400 native).


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      Is the same DFE being used on both machines?


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        my tech guy is still trying to match the two machines .I am not an expert by any means .I am not sure what DFE is but I can say the the files are RIP'd and sent to me . I grab the TIFF out of the work flow and decide which CTP to send it to.I just am trying to understand why the violet CTP can produce a cleaner sharper image than the thermal .What I have been reading the thermal should be better maybe I'm wrong . Like I said I'm just a pressman not an expert prepress.


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          Thank you all


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