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Suprasetter 2540 laser resolution and Trueflow

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  • Suprasetter 2540 laser resolution and Trueflow

    Hello my friends!

    Few time ago we bought a new Heidelberg Suprasetter 106 with autoloader, to work together with our old Screen Platerite 8300, but we dont wanna change our Workflow. We work with Trueflow 7.3 and this works fine to us.

    So when our CTP arrive came with 2540 lasers, and trueflow doesnt generate tiff-1-bit in this resolution.

    We are tryng to work in a solution, can you help me?

    Thanks for all!

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    Hi Pré-impressao,

    it was not the best decision to buy the Suprasetter for cooperation with your TrueFlow. Suprasetter is fixed to 2540 dpi because of it´s laser hardware. There is no way to change it. The Screen devices are best working with 2400 dpi and setting them to 2540 dpi mostly cause moiré screening.
    This may be the reason why your TrueFlow generates only 2400dpi 1bit-TIFFs.

    May be there might be a solution with a TrueFlow 2540dpi plug-in or something, but it seems to be that you would need an additional HD Prinect RIP for the Suprasetter to generate 2540 dpi 1bit TIFFs.

    Martin Müller
    Prepress-Service & Technical Support, Essen GERMANY


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      Unfortunately you do not have a solution with Trueflow and Suprasetter. You need to choose another RIP/Workflow system that can output 2540dpi.


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        Thank you for your help,

        We understand, there is no way to make it work without a "man in the middle". But this point is the most complex.

        Can you suggest some RIP options? Does anyone know about Studio RIP?

        In other hand, only a RIP is a bad assigment of resources. If you need expend some money, make this become a improvement in process, quality or time. A Workflow, can bring much more than make a tiff-1bit.

        Sugestions for low-price workflow with suport to create tif-1bit 2540 dpi?


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          Hi Pré-Impressao,

          I am selling and installing StudioRIP here in Germany beside of Xitron Harlequin RIP for 4 years now. I can really recommend it, if you need only a 1bit TIFF output for CtP. StudioRIP is more a workflow than just a RIP, a client/server 64bit application with unlimited MAC/Win clients, unlimited output devices. It is really value-for-money and available in a Portuguese version too.
          For further information contact your local StudioRIP dealer.

          Martin Müller
          Prepress-Service & Technical Support, Essen GERMANY


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