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Has anyone had any experience with the Xante ILUMINA

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    i'm thinking of purchasing an xante to print postcards. i have been sending out orders a few orders a month that total about 5000 to 7000 cards. some of the orders are for as little of 500. do you think this printer is suitable for this purpose?


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      The Xante won't be able to duplex thicker stocks so it would probably be two passes to get the job done so your 500 minimum is going to become 1000. The front to back registration and consistency may be an issue for you as well. I'd suggest testing it for your application with you paper you may experience some slowdown with thicker stocks which may be a deciding factor for you on how efficient the printer is. For the right applications this printer work for others there are other solutions that preform better.


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        If you are speaking of 500 post cards, presuming you are doing 4 per sheet, this is only 125 sheets. Time is a non issue here when you compare the Illumina to a the press setup time...

        Registration should also not an issue. These are post cards. They should have bleed for cutting, and with the postal requirements of .25" margin you are not going to have anything going to the edge anyway.

        The speed of the Illumina is the same for the thicker stock, and feeding 125 sheets through the manual feed tray, flipping them and sending them back through for the back side is simple enough.

        You can also look at the Xitron Prism. It is the same print engine, but comes with the GPS Workflow (with a Harlequin RIP) that will allow you to view the job on screen and maintain the job in the Workflow for future runs if necessary. Depending on what other output device you have, this may be a great opportunity to update your current RIP to a Workflow that will drive both devices and be current with today's applications.


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          Update on the Ilumina

          It seems some people just have a beef with Xante. Not that Xante does not deserve it; many years ago they did have a bad reputation for customer service. However, today their support is very good; it is phone support and definitely helps if one is technically capable to follow Xante's tech support people.

          We've had the the Ilumina for a year and it has a niche. We run a lot of thick stock and envelopes through it and I have found that more than half of the sheets have been fed through the multipurpose tray.

          One wish I would like for the Ilumina would be to have an exterior RIP available like the Fiery or Scitex.

          In summary, the Ilumina has been a great purchase for us and our aim is to eventually get into one of the more robust digital machines like an iGen 4 or a Canon 7000. But keep in mind that the Xerox or Canon machines will not be able to print more than 300-350 gsm and definitely not envelopes; so an all digital shop would need to have machine like the Ilumina to compliment there other digital presses.


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            Have had an Ilumina for 5 years. Overall, very good machine after initial bugs were worked out. Biggest gripe is that consumables are too expensive, but we use it for quick short-run business cards, letterhead, etc., so it's a time saver ultimately. Must choose paper carefully, however.


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              Anyone want to buy ours?


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                If still selling email me


                If you're still selling email me.



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                  Why OKI C9650??

                  I see a lot of comparison of the Illumina and the OKI C9650 and they are fairly correct, same print engine with a few differences. The big thing I see in these discussions is cost of consumables. This is a problem with the OKI and Xante products alike, however, OKI also offers the CX3641 MFP through its elite dealers. The 3641 includes the Fiery Rip and a very nice scanner that makes it an all around copier as well as a printer. We are the elite dealer for KY and TN and we sell this unit with the Straight Shooter envelope feeder. It works great!! The big kicker in all of this is the consumable costs, by list price evaluation, the 3641 toners run 40-70% percent less than the Illumina and C9650 respectively. This is for the OEM toners! The initial cost of the unit is more, but you make up the difference in saving on consumables quickly. Just a little food for thought when considering which unit to look into......


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