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  • PressTek Anthem plates

    Is anyone else running a Presstek Dimension 800 platesetter out there?? I'd like to find others who has this unit to compare notes with. How about plate many impressions are you getting, under normal conditions, from your Anthem plates? Is there another plate that I could use on the D800 that would give us a longer impression life on a 4C Heidelberg? Your response will be appreciated.......

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    Re: PressTek Anthem plates


    I am running the Presstek Anthem plates off a Dimension 450xl.
    I am getting anywhere from 75k to 100k depending on the press conditions.
    As far as I know we are locked into presstek plates due to the configuration of the unit which is specifically designed to burn presstek plates.

    Ed Westhaver


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      Re: PressTek Anthem plates

      We have been using the Dimmension 800 for over 4 years, and the Anthem Pro plates since the came out. They work great. We have had runs of up to 240000 from them and have had scratches in as few as 17000 (There was a dried ink or paper particle in the rollers that took out a screen). We had some concern with banding but since I ran a precise Y test problem is solved. We also have imaged the Azure plate from Agfa with the 800 with no problems what-so-ever. It is a good unit with an extreemly small footprint. Presstek has not upgraded this size unit for years and this is a concern to us for the future.
      Bill Chegwidden
      Arrow Printing Co


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        Re: PressTek Anthem plates

        Thanks, Bill. We're interested in looking at the Agfa Azure plates, too.
        Did you have any problems in re-setting the Dimension 800 for them
        (laser adjustment, etc.) and was it a difficult change-over? Thanks.

        Mark McDonald
        Supervisor - Print Media


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          Re: PressTek Anthem plates

          I'm interested in this too since we're looking at a TX-52. Can you run Azura plates through a TX-52, assuming they're going to be available in the right sizes. Looking forward to hearing any monre info about this.




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            Re: PressTek Anthem plates

            Dear Monkey:

            If you don't already have the TX52, you'd might
            want to check with PRST as to what plates are
            certified. In the past, they've been quite specific
            as to warranty and service policy if non-certified
            plates are used.

            Steve Musselman, Agfa Graphics - USA,
            Senior Corporate Account Executive


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              Re: PressTek Anthem plates

              Sorry I didn't get back to you, By now you have probably have tried the plates. There was only the readjustment of the the laser levels for the plate. did not change anything else. Hand wiped the Azure plate and ran it thru the water wash. Put it on the press and took off. If we were to run them full time we would need to put the dev/gum in the processor. They did well, ran with less water than the Anthem Pro. we are now using the Auroura Pro, it also uses less water on start up. I can't give you any run length information, (havent had any long runs lately}
              Again I am sorry I have not gotten back to you.
              Bill Chegwidden


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                Lindsay Ellis


                We have been running a Presstek Dimension 400 CTP for the past two years, and have experienced
                all of the problems: running too dry on start-up; lack of support from the manufacturer; durability issues
                caused by the Delta Dampening units on our Komori presses.

                I am very interested in finding another plate other than the Anthem Pro. Could you give me some feedback
                on your experiences with other plates.



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                  Hi Lindsay: We phased in the Presstek Aurora plate beginning fall 07. Press preferred the Aurora mainly because of the start-up issues. The Aurora run length is less than the 100,000 rated on the Anthem plate but it worked for our application(s). We could consistently hit 10 - 15,000 impressions. With the Anthem plate we were achieving well over 50,000 impressions when needed. Detecting zones when balancing Aurora plates was a little challenging because the image isn't as distinctly visible as on the Anthem. Our two Dimension 400s were very tired little puppies having given us many hours of service, so I'm confident that was a factor in balancing.



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