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Fuji vs Kodak Plates

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  • Fuji vs Kodak Plates

    Anyone have any thoughts about either plate material (good or bad)? We are considering moving to Fuji from Kodak.


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    Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

    We use both brands one each in two different plants. Info below is approximate but is from our trenches.

    My plant uses Fuji. I feel their plate is top draw, consistent; virtually never fails. The chemistry is long running (~3000 sq m per batch); at about 6-8% of plate cost and runs clean.

    Our other plant uses Kodak and has six times my plant's volume. They run two processors and one is cleaned each week on alternating weeks. To me, I am surprised at this frequent a cleaning; some people call their chemistry 'dirty'. The system also uses more (~1500 sq m per batch); at about 13% of plate cost of three different chemicals, so you can see the cost of plate processing is a bit higher than the Fuji chemistry which is only two chemicals.
    We often run our sister plants Kodak plates and find that three times is the maximum we use them before problems sometimes arise, so we made that an sop but understand that only our shop.

    Hope this helps muddle you even more than you likely are now!



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      Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

      Have you looked at Agfa plates, we are looking to upgrade to a new platesetter and are considering all options.
      Run length and preferably a no bake plate is what we are looking for.


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        Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

        Can't speak for the plates, but back in the film days we switched to Fuji from Kodak and were very happy. I would assume the plates are great too.


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          Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

          We used Agfa and switched to Kodak. We are a mid-volume plant and are looking at consistancy. It seems to be a pretty even struggle. I guess we will have to test some plates and figure it out from there.


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            Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

            We ran a set of test Agfa Amigo plates and they will not work for us, now they are proposing the Energy Elite plate.
            How do you find the Kodak plates to run?.
            Still would like to try the Fuji plate.


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              Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

              Will you expand on why the Amigo did not work for you?


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                Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

                Run length is the problem, we had a set made for the web and they starting
                breaking down at 50000 impressions. They were unbaked plates , but they do not
                come close to the rated run length. We are now trying the new energy elite plate,
                we will see how they run.


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                  Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

                  You may want to get a hold of your Konica dealer. I'm told they have new plates that I hear are very good. Probably not a bad idea to have them run some test.



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                    Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

                    If you are looking for a no-bake plate, Fuji is your choice! Best quality, less cost for the chemical. Kodak can't catch up with Fuji yet, why pay extra to become a beta tester?!


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                      Re: Fuji vs Agfa vs. Kodak Plates

                      Uncle Sam

                      (You weren't born in Arlington MA were you?
                      That's where the REAL Uncle Sam (Wilson) was born!)

                      It's interesting you note Fuji's no bake plate, but you neglect to mention Agfa's PIA/GATF InterTech Award-winning :Energy Elite plate. So, I'll do it for you. ;-)


                      It's also interesting to read about your interest in (low
                      cost) chemistry, when your company promotes green.

                      Agfa has the broadest portfolio (and largest install) of
                      no- and low chemistry plates in the market (Azura and
                      Amigo), and now with Energy Elite, an award
                      winning "conventional" thermal plate that an InterTech
                      judge proclaimed to be "the basis for a new generation
                      of plates".

                      Yes, there is indeed another choice out there.

                      Steve Musselman, Agfa Graphics - USA,
                      Senior Corporate Account Executive


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                        Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

                        We have never had a problem with the Kodak plates. Cost isn't bad and have very little chemistry. We also aren't normally doing mega-large runs. I'm sure we would find out how they hold up if we did.


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                          Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

                          We are running the Agfa Elite plate and it is without reservation, the best plate we have ever used. We are supplying multiple print sites, Web, Packaging (no bake), VLF sheet fed and small litho with no press chemistry issues and excellent storage for re-useablity.


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                            Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates


                            Thanks for the kind words about Agfa Energy Elite plates.

                            One comment from a user in North Carolina,
                            was that their customer thought they had
                            started to print their magazine on the
                            sheetfed press (rather than the web press
                            it had and had traditionally been printed.)

                            I guess PIA/GATF InterTech judges
                            knew a great thing when they saw it.

                            Steve Musselman, Agfa Graphics - USA,
                            Senior Corporate Account Executive


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                              Re: Fuji vs Kodak Plates

                              Too many dealers on this site and dificult to make a decision.
                              Call both Kodak and Fuji dealers and decide for yourself. Make them compete. I won't go with any other vendor.
                              My advice - try using consumables from the same company that made the CTP, workflow, etc. This way there is no one esle to blame when something goes wrong and your downtime will be minimal


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