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Dart 4300 s VS. Magnus 400 Engine

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  • Dart 4300 s VS. Magnus 400 Engine

    I work for a medium sized in house print shop we just got approved for a new system and we have narrowed it down to the Kodak Magnus 400 engine or the Fuji Dart 4300s. I am looking for some feedback on people’s experiences with their machines.

    We plan on using both with a process less plate; both with the stochastic screening and both will be using Rampage output (the Kodak will have a basic Evo 1 bit tiff catcher)

    Does anyone have any info or comments about either machine?


    My other question is what does it take to set up stochastic screening? We have got quotes that dont really make sense how far apart they are. It is half the price if we set it up ourselves compared to having someone come in. We have very computer savy people working here but no one has every set it up.

    - Thanks

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    Re: Dart 4300 s VS. Magnus 400 Engine

    hmm.. a little help please.


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      Re: Dart 4300 s VS. Magnus 400 Engine

      Both machines v good but if you use Rampage stick with Fuji, as Kodak won't be very helpful if you get a problem.



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