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Chemicals question_Kodak and Fuji

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  • Chemicals question_Kodak and Fuji

    Does anyone know the savings we might discover going from Kodak to Fuji plates as far as the chemicals?
    We go through about 3 developers and one gun a month with kodak.
    It has been said we could save about 12,000 a yr. with Fuji chem and a little distilled water.


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    Re: Chemicals question_Kodak and Fuji

    Save 12K per year? at your current usage I can't imagine you are spending 12K per year on chemicals.

    I have always found the chemistry numbers reps throw around to be very inaccurate. Rep A might say you have to rebatch fuji chemicals once every 2 weeks, but in reality we go 4-6 weeks.

    Have you figured out your monthy Sq Ft usage?


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      Re: Chemicals question_Kodak and Fuji

      I'm not sure about sq ft.
      We send about $1,000 a month.
      About 400 large plates a month. 41x31 approx.
      What are you spending a month with Fuji's?


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        Re: Chemicals question_Kodak and Fuji

        our Sq Ftg is similar as yours, maybe a bit lower and we go through approximately $6-700 of chemicals per month (that includes chemistry for a rebatch 1X), plus about 20 gallons of distilled water (not sure how much the distilled water costs us)

        we are on a 4 up processor, so you will see some additional usage with an 8up


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          Re: Chemicals question_Kodak and Fuji

          Thanks Cory


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            Re: Chemicals question_Kodak and Fuji

            Kodak processing runs at about 12-13% of plate cost.
            Fuji runs at about 6-8%.
            We use both systems one in each of two plants. The Fuji lasts about twice as long and is only Dev and Gum, ie: two chemicals.
            As you say, the Kodak uses 3 chemicals.


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              Re: Chemicals question_Kodak and Fuji

              We go through about 3000 40" plates a month and based on what we are seeing with the new "Z" processor we will save about $25000 per year using the Fuji PJ Thermal plates.


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