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problem with agfa xcalibur 45-e azura

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  • problem with agfa xcalibur 45-e azura

    Been running this agfa xcalibur 45-e azura for 2 years now and have had no problems until recently. The past two weeks or so random plates have been coming out with text on top of itself. Also at first glance looks like image is being knocked out somehow but on closer look it actually is spread out. For instance the letter H may be split into two pieces and seperated by 1/8 inch or so, but if you were to cut the plate up and put the halves together the whole character is there. Almost like the laser decided to jump before continuing to image. Its very random but seems to run the entire height of the plate. Happened on only one job today but tomorrow who knows. I'm not sure if its a hardware or software issue. Anyone else had any problems like this?

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    Re: problem with agfa xcalibur 45-e azura


    Have you called tech support?

    I'm not tech support, but this sounds suspicious as it might not be an engine issue, but rather a bad drive on printdrive, or perhaps a cable issue.

    Steve Musselman, Agfa Graphics - USA,
    Senior Corporate Account Executive


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      Re: problem with agfa xcalibur 45-e azura

      Hi Steve,
      Usually takes a while for us to call tech support so I wanted to get some possibilities in mind to persuade them to call. Boss actually called this morning and Jim was here today when I got here. I'll post back when its all sorted out in case anyone else runs into this.


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