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Remapping Cyan to 368 C

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  • Remapping Cyan to 368 C

    Hello, Everyone

    1st post here, so be gentle with me. I receive a a lot of files in Cyan + Black. The Cyan element needs to be 368 C. I can remap Cyan to Spot easily through Prinergy's Workshop by re-refining the input PDF, creating and mapping to PMS 368 manually, job by job. Is there a way to remap the original file ie; various tints of Cyan_100%, 50% 10% to corresponding values in 368 C through PitStop Global Change or an Action List?. Many thanks if anyone can help.

    My setup is:

    Power PC G5
    OS X 10.4.11
    Acrobat 8.1.2
    PitStop 7.5.1

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    Re: Remapping Cyan to 368 C

    Sorry, stupid question, but why you don't make all the PDF in one file and refine them in Prinergy in one gulp, adding all the pages together?
    Than you can get the pdf refined and do what you like!

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