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Rendering Intent Question

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  • Rendering Intent Question I have a PDF file - 200 MB - PDF version 1.3 - The native file is InDesign CS3, with 3 linked Photoshop files (2 eps, 1 psd). If I run it through Pitstop, one of the checks that we have running is "Rendering intent is used...Error...Remove all rendering intents..."

    Now...for this file in particular, if I run it through this profile, it increases to 900 MB from 200 MB. The report states a Fix..."Removed rendering intent (6X)

    I have an elementary understanding of rendering intents. But, what I don't understand is how by moving rendering intents from a 200 MB file, the file can grow to 900 MB.

    If any one can shed some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Re: Rendering Intent Question

    It could be related to your compression mechanism. I know that when changing some images (say the image resolution), the file size works just the opposite way.
    Are you using JPEG?

    Are you using Certified PDF? It's using the incremental save functionality, so that make your files bigger.

    There are a few solutions, though.

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