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Background image dropping out of PDF from Pitstop

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  • Background image dropping out of PDF from Pitstop

    I have a newspaper layout with a small, simple advertisement in the bottom left corner. I opened the .pdf up from Workshop into Acrobat. The advertisement on the top right corner is 4 color black. I converted that layout to grayscale 100%k using Pitstop. Save the .pdf and return to Workshop. Now, the background image in the bottom left corner of the spread (of which I did not touch) has dropped out of the ad completely when I re-open the .pdf from Workshop.

    As a designer, I've encountered this issue with improper object "linking" in both InDesign and Quark. But I don't think this is a linking issue from the client but moreso some sort of conversion issue when I re-saved the .pdf from Acrobat 8.

    Can anyone offer an explanation and/or solution for this issue? I ended up exporting the .pdf as a .eps and re-imported the .eps into Workshop, which fixed the image from dropping out.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Background image dropping out of PDF from Pitstop

    Check for OPI links in the PDF with Pitstop.
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