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Change Spot Color's Alternate Color Space

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  • Change Spot Color's Alternate Color Space

    Hey everyone,

    I have a spot color in a PDF with a CMYK alternate color space. I want to change its alternate color space to some CIELab values, and do this over the entire file. Can this be done using an action?

    Thanks for helping!

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    Schnitzel, a simple remap should do it.

    Stephen Marsh


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      Thank you, Stephen, but I seem to have a problem:

      Suppose I have a spot called "Special Orange", and its alternate color space is in CMYK. I want to change it to CIELab, so that a RIP could use these values combined with an ICC profile and give me the correct CMYK values for printing. I want to set the alternate color space to CIELab in order to use different ICC profiles more easily.

      Remapping with Pitstop allows me to create a new user swatch, but its alternate color space can be either CMYK, RGB or gray. No CIELab.

      I'm using Pitstop Pro 12.

      Thanks again.


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        I’m on 2017, however this was available in earlier versions, you just had to import a Lab based spot colour library. Now later versions of PitStop ship with Lab based library files. You can see in my screenshot that the destination library’s alternate values are Lab based.

        I’ll try to dig up an old topic thread…

        Stephen Marsh
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        Comments are personal and my views may not be shared by my employer or partners.


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          Indeed, you can't create a spot color directly in PitStop with an Lab alternate value (yet).
          But you can create a Swatch color with an Lab alternate in another application (Indesign/Illustrator) and import it into the PitStop color picker.
          Senior Product Manager


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            Great, thank you both, guys.


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