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Pitstop 13 trial version actions not working.

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  • Pitstop 13 trial version actions not working.

    I don't seem to be able to click on a color in remap with the eye dropper. It's grayed out. I can even type in the values and globally change them. Any ideas? Thx

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    more explaination. i had a multi pg doc the other day. they used rgb blacks and registration black. there are actions that say they would take care of it, but not working unless i'm missing something. i worked with this software many years ago. I was able to go in, click on any color and the values would come up then under that would be the values i would want to change it the whole doc. The eye dropper is grayed out. going around in circles with this it did pop up at one point, but not any longer. could someone run me thru exactly how to do it. im not finding any video on my problem. - thx for the response.

    also is there not key command to "hide"?

    remove crop boxes, doesn't work.


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      Firstly, version 13 is old. Especially if you are working with Acrobat DC. Suggestion is to download the latest version 2018, or wait until 2019 in April.

      If you install version 2018 you can drop me a mail at and we can go through it.

      A lot has probably changed since you last used it.
      Senior Product Manager


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        sorry. don't know were i got that its is 2018.


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          I think I understand the issue. It's not the eyedropper you need.
          What you do is select an object with the Select tool, and then 'grab' that color. Either the fill or the Stroke.
          Eyedropper just shows the ink values for a position, either an object or based on the page.
          Senior Product Manager


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            I've tried grabbing the element then go to the color re-map window where there's COLOR then DEVICE opt. the values I can put in (but can't change either? or go to the drop down which has the eye dropper with opt. fill or stroke, they are grayed out. in the past, i've been able to use the eye dropper, if i remember, to grab whatever color I wanted to change, the values would come up, then under that I could put in values or pms colors to globally change them. none of that is working - thx for the response


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              Ok, we'll get together on a webex to go through it. Unfortunately I'm traveling a lot at the moment so let's see if we can find a slot.
              I'll drop you an email.
              Senior Product Manager


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                thx. might be hard to do from 8-6 tho.


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                  i think i'm good i was missing a whole group of tools


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